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For children ages 4 and up. With multiple levels to accommodate the child’s reading level.

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I, , do not hold the IECPA or Tajan Quran Institute staff and volunteers responsible for any harm or injury to my son/ daughter during the time they are on the premises of the Islamic Education Center, located at 6635 Tilghman Street, Allentown, PA 18106.

I will be fully responsible for any and all damages and/or vandalism that are caused to the building, classrooms, supplies or equipment used by staff that would have been caused by any negligence or abuse by my children. My child (or children) and myself will further comply with the rules and regulations set by the Tajan Quran Institute of IECPA.

I hereby allow the staff and/or volunteers of the Tajan Quran Institute of the IECPA in the case of an emergency to one or more of my children to administer CPR, First aid, and/or contact emergency personnel or to take my child to an Emergency Room in which case I will be fully responsible for the costs of the given treatments and/or emergency care fees.

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To complete registration please pay the registration fee which is the first month tuition.