The Islamic Education Center of Pennsylvania (IECPA) is a Sunni religious organization follows the teachings of the Quran and the main stream Sunnah of Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him. It was established in 2005. An old church in downtown Allentown was purchased. The building was modified interiorly to have a main prayer hall, a small prayer hall, a lobby and bathrooms for wudu. The exterior was also modified to make it suitable for an Islamic Center. The crosses were removed. Also a parking lot was purchased to accommodate the community needs for parking. Currently the building serves the community with daily, Juma, Eids, and Taraweeh prayers. There is a Sunday School whereabout 100 students attend. There is a social hall where the monthly family dinner and daily Iftar for the single members of the community and the travelers is offered during the month of Ramadan.

On the authority of Abu Muhammad ‘Abdullah, the son of ‘amr ibn al-‘As (radi)
Who said: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: None of you [truly] be a bleiever until his inclination is in accordance with what I have brought.
A Hasan (fair) and Sahih (sound) Hadith which we have trasmittd from Kitab al-Hujja with a sound chain of authorities.
Source: The Collection of An-Nawawi- 40 Hadith; No.41

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